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Volume Pots

Many bass and electric guitar players report that the volume control on their instruments is far from ideal.  Often when the volume is backed off it suddenly disappears, or as you crank up the volume it appears to get no louder.  The common volume pots available tend to only have an effective working zone for about 35% of the pot rotation.  This means, if your volume has a 0-10 scale, you only hear changes in the volume over a 3-4 unit range.  Typically you will hear no sound, or little sound in the 0-3 range, then a big change in sound is heard between 3 and 7, then little change from 7-10.

Tone Up PotentiometerPots also wear out or become contaminated with dust, fluff, hair and other assorted particles which creates problems with crackles, cutting out, or very stiff controls.

Add to this the fact that pots are mass produced to a low cost and you have a poorly performing guitar part.

Sever Innovations has gone right back to basics to design a brand new volume pot for guitar players.

See our section on Potentiometers for more details.

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