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Tone Up, Tone Control with Adjustable Capacitor Values.

TC 250kOhm B Adjustable Capacitor Values Top View
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With a normal tone pot you normally have to choose the capacitor value without hearing the tone.  The capacitor is soldered in place and not easy to change.

What if you could simply alter the capacitance to achieve the tone you want?

TC 250kOhm B Adjustable Capacitor Values Top View

Sever Innovations has introduced a 250kOhm B taper Tone pot with a series of jumper switches so you can set the tone you want and change it when you want.

This  250KΩ tone potentiometer has an option of choosing 4 different capacitors, or the combination of them, with the consequence of different ‘depth’ of the tone control activity.

There are 3 jumper switches on the circuit board. When they are all in the “off” position there is just a basic capacitor acting on a tone control -the brightest sound.

Tone Pot with adjustable capacitorsWhen all of the 3 switches are ON, meaning the tone control is acting with maximum capacitance – the deepest sound. Choose the jumper switch combination for your optimal sound.  Play around with the combinations to get the tone you want.

The potentiometer is a sealed unit with long lasting construction and has non-solder connectors.  The solid shaft is 6mm and is designed to work with grub screw fixing knobs.  A centralising sleeve is available when using 1/4″ knobs.

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