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SEVER !nnovations introduces the Tone Up volume potentiometer with evenly increased volume with the new taper “ P”, to match the ideal physiological hearing perception.

Tone Up Potentiometer Tone Up Potentiometer

The new Tone Up volume potentiometer with evenly increasing volume makes the control of volume easier and is user friendly to install. It has a new “hearing taper”. How does this differ from the standard volume pot?

A simplified explanation would be like this. Knowing that most potentiometers react in only 1/3 of rotation we take this as a starting point.  We have magnified this portion of the effective zone and made it react over a rotation greater than 85%.

So, the effective zone is much larger, and you can hear the volume change during rotation. This provides an easy way to control the playing dynamic and control the sound with a bit of volume roll off.

Tone Up Potentiometers are durable with special features and a unique taper “P” for upgrading your sound…

They are user friendly with solderless on-board connectors that are easy to replace or install and offer adjustable tone options.

Potentiometers have an enclosed dust proof housing, 16mm wide with a thread M10 x 0,75mm, a Carbon Resistive Element having 10% Tolerance and an aluminium 6mm shaft.


Available in the range are: